Who are we


When I look at myself, I feel that I have changed a lot since my childhood days. May be since I have born, although I do not even remember who was I. I guess we all change during our life time. Starting from home, parents change us as per their own culture and norms. Then we move into school and college where we learn more about society, friends and our customs. Finally we reach to mature world, when we meet every possible kind of people. After having different encounters with so many people, generally we change and adjust according to them and their norms. These changes become essential for us to survive in this world. It helps us to grow and success on where ever we are.

Hold on, think again, do we really change, I guess not. If you try to observe yourself bit more closely, then you will find one thing which has never been changed during our course of life. That one thing is nothing but real you, its core of your soul, heart and mind. It is what you are when you born. It is what our god has made up, good or bad, right or wrong does not matter. It is what we are. Never change in our life time.


So, if this is true, then what about these changes we talked about earlier. Are those fake, do we lie or presume something which we are not?  Who are we? A Person made up by society, parents and their culture or the person which is made by God.

Let me explain with below mention  Hermann Hesse  quote,

“There’s no reality except the one contained within us. That’s why so many people live an unreal life. They take images outside them for reality and never allow the world within them to assert itself.” —  Hermann Hesse quotes

Actually both statements is true, we keep changing ourselves, while keeping our core person intact. It like when we born, we born with some nature, our own core nature. Let’s not define what kind of nature good or bad, but definitely a unique nature or you can say our own unique soul with unique characteristics.

As we grow older, because of parenting, education and society, we are asked to behave and learn their ways, culture, custom and behaviour. Slowly, it has been taught to us to behave and be like them as we belong to them. During this process, it become very difficult to be like what we were in our childhood.

These changes start with necessity, then it transform into habit, then it became attitude and slowly knowingly or unknowingly it’s become part of nature.

We are like Onion, wrapped with many covers and skins, but real we are still lies somewhere inside those wrappers, safe and sound. All we need to unwrap ourselves find who we, who really we are and then act accordingly are.


So I would rather say, we evolve during course of our time, but never change from inside. Our real us is still preserved some-where inside us. Lets bring it out and show to the world, who you are.


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