What is Relationship?

Relationship, to be honest I never understand this word. May be it’s too vague or too generic. It’s a word which can be defined from  existence of this universe and also from unknown feeling between two people. So how do we know how strong or weak relationship exist between two people or let’s say between any two or many entity.

To understand and measure the depth of any relationship, we can make use of these three parameter.


To understand or measure any relationship first and foremost important thing is trust. Just by asking this question, we will be able to understand how depth is the relationship bond is there. Let say do you trust a person or entity this much that whatever they do or say you will believe in that i.e. blind trust. If you find also something fishy or you do not like  in other person action or saying, still you manage to accept or do the same thing without much argument.This kind of trust yield into most strongest but most risky relationship, at this point you become the part of other entity of person.

Generally in parent children relationship are the best example of this kind. In nature branch and leaves can be considered having this relationship. Also Geeta, Koran, Bible asked us to have this kind of trust between God and their devotee.



I will say this is the second most important thing for any relationship. It may possible that you may not trust any person blindly or do not want to be part of it, but still if you think whatever they do, you may not adopt but accept their point of view or support them or never put a blame on them.You treat them with utmost priority and integrity at any circumstances.

This kind of trust yield into reasonable strong relationship. Here you not completely dependent or part of that entity but still you stay close in the heart. Two best friend relationship can be considered as part of this.



I would say this is an important but an optional attribute provided you have trust and respect for each other. Having better understanding in two different entity will be adding on quality in their life, it will  build more trust and more respect as time grows. This become important and required if you do not have other two attribute(trust ,respect).


It’s up to us how strong or weak relationship we want to build in this universe.


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