I know you have good smile, but with teeth it would look great!!!

I know you have good smile, but with teeth it would look great

We all have our own way of smiling and each smile makes our face much more graceful and much more beauty full. For almost every occasion we wear different kind of smile, with different face expression and every smile make our face much more beautiful than ever.


For me among this entire smile there is one smile way which stands out of the league i.e. Smile/ Laugh with your full heart. I have been lucky enough to meet few of this kind of people; they are unique in their expression. They often do not bother about where they are or what people will think about them. It may be in their nature to express their positive emotion in such a way that everyone around them can feel their positive energy. They laugh and smile openly on very small to small things also and that generally make their surrounding much more lively and positive.

I am not sure if it is god gift or they have practicing since childhood and now they are used to it. But one thing I am very certain about that whoever are we if we smile and laugh from full of our heart without thinking anything, just about what we feel then, certainly we can bring peace inside us and positive energy for others.


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