On Being Wrong

Couple of week back, I was travelling to my home town. During that journey I had met few people who force me to think about our own attitude and thinking towards right and wrong activities. I am not here to define what is right or what is wrong. What I want to discuss is the thinking process and feeling  behind of being wrong.

Let me ask you this “How  you feel when some one says or prove you wrong?”.

I guess most of the person’s answer it in negative way like bad, embarrassing, shameful, angry and mad. Fair enough, its kind natural and common behavior of human being.

Now let me ask you one more question “How you feel when you know you are doing wrong?”

I guess this time, most of the people will say it like  does not feel anything bad, if they feel something then either they will try  ignore it or try to justify it.

For example:

  • Its okay, no one looking at me.
  • No one will find it.
  • Everyone does this why not me?
  • Common, it’s correct for me.


So, feeling of being wrong is not depends on what we did, rather it depends on how people will perceive about it. Even we know deep down inside our heart that this is not what we are supposed to do, but if its yields us a good result then I guess we take a shot. When people caught us for some wrongdoing, we try to justify or lie to our self, so that we can come clean from outside irrespective of how much dirty are we from inside.

These wrong doing action are those action, which commonly accepted as general bad practice or rarely caught in our society. When we perform this action, we often try to prove and justify ourselves saying “It is okay”.  They try to make these bad actions into legitimate right actions by giving their own justification, which I guess very dangerous trait in us. Some people also feel proud of being escaped from getting caught. They become completely ignorant about the mistake they had done. They feel that they can do it again and again without getting caught because they do not feel bad while doing wrong, but they do feel bad when the get caught.


These attitudes make me feel worried, because it no longer a place where we feel bad on what action we did rather its become on if we get caught or not. If we continue to follow the same path, there will be a one day when there will not be any wrong thing and everything will be right from any point of view and that will imbalance and dis-stabilize every thing of this world. We can always discuss about what is right and wrong, but the mindset or thinking about right and wrong is some thing we need to re look and rethink.


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