Concept of Independence

In our life we all go through one common phase where we find ourselves having conflicting views with our older generation people. If I have start pointing out then it would many. It is mainly because of cultural shift and human movement across the globe. Things changes, culture, habit, living standard and more importantly our thinking change. Today, I would like to focus on one most important concept of new generation is “Concept of Independence”.

Being free

One thing which separate us from our old generation with new generation is thought of independence, thought of self-reliability. Impact of these changes are differ from country to country, but there is no deny of the fact that new generation are becoming or want to become much more independent and self-reliable. New generation want to do everything by their own means, their way, own resources and more importantly it focus is always remain on “I”, “Me” and “Myself” whereas Old generation was bit more inclined towards “We”, “Our” and “Ourselves”.

It sounds great to hear when anyone says “Hey, I am self-reliable and independent”. No doubt, it’s really great thing and we should admire him for this.


Same time, when someone says “Hey, I am self-reliable and independent and I don’t need any one for ………”.  Once I hear this part or something when they start emphasizing themselves, then I really put a very big question mark on that guy.

I would like to put my thought in below quote:

Battle can be won by own, war needs a team.

There is nothing in this world, which is completely independent or self-reliable. A flower can never be by itself alone. A flower relies on many non-flower elements in order to be able to manifest. The nuclear scientist David Boham has said that an electron is not an entity in itself, but is made of all the other electrons. There are no separate entity exist, there are only manifestations that rely on each other to be possible. It’s like the left and the right. The right is not a separate entity that can exist by itself alone. Without the left, the right cannot be. Everything is like that.

You cannot be by yourself alone, you have to interleave with everything else to exist. There is no absolute freedom or independence in this world. If you observe anything very closely, you will find that we are not independent rather we are interdependent on all other entities.

Same applies to family, society, friends and our loved once. Now a day we all becoming and moving towards nuclear family, living alone and so-called having own space. Most of us live in dream where we find our self as completely independent but in reality we all need each other. If we keep on getting nuclear and nuclear, then trust me one day we will get lose ourselves. Imagine a country where each and every part of it (State, City, and Locality) asks Independence. Will that country and their parts will ever be able to survive by their own?

Independence with dependence

My point is it is good to be independent for you and your families need, but do not stretch it too far or else it will destroy your own identity. Consider independence only as a relative term. You should always remember that you are part of someone and some thing, always be there. Live as you part of family; consider your family as big as possible as universe.

You may consider yourself as Independent as you want, but always remember you been always dependent on every other things. Independence come with IN   Dependence.


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