One Step towards Idealism – Swami Vivekanand

There is this strongly conservative tendency in human nature:  we do not like to move one step forward towards idealism. We love to remain idle where we are now and consider itself as practical life. I can consider this attitude of humankind as a person who is frozen in snow while sleeping and if you try to drag them up, they say, “Let me sleep, it is so beautiful to sleep in snow”, and they die there in that sleep. So is our nature. That is what we are doing all our life. We considered this as practical approach as there are many like them sleeping in that snow. If we have to define this attitude in scientific way, then we call this as comfort zone of our mind, it is does not matter if good or bad, right or wrong, moral or immoral. It is just the way they are, and may be too lazy to be changed.

Change Yourself

They will give number of excuses for being like this, sometimes they claims “we are human and human are prone to mistake” or you will hear them saying “we are not gods, we are human”, or they will say “This is practical world, cannot live with ideals” and most interesting “No one is perfect”.

Common let’s be honest with our self for a while, we know we are human, we know we are not perfect, we know we are prone to mistake, but how much time have we spent on changing our self in positive direction. How much effort have we taken to correct our mistakes? How much time have we spent towards being a perfect person? We all know few basic ideal things inside our soul and heart, but during the course of life somehow we lost those track and start giving excuses for our imperfection.


No one is asking you to be become perfect in one day or one year or even this life time. All we are ask you to do take one step forward towards idealism, towards perfection, towards gods.  If you know inside your heart that something you are doing or did wrong, then rather making excuses or justifying that. Do not bring down ideals to justify practicality rather move towards idealism. You should try to correct and change yourself in better way. Every time when you taking one step towards idealism, towards truth, more you will find peace and love inside yourself.


Let’s Begin

”The very first company I started failed with a great bang. The second one failed a little bit less, but still failed. The third one, you know, proper failed, but it was kind of okay. I recovered quickly. Number four almost didn’t fail. It still didn’t really feel great, but it did okay. Number five was PayPal.” – Max Levchin

What if, I fail? What if I do not get expected result. What if, people laugh and make fun of me. What if, I get hurt? These are few what if, which become obstacle in our day-to-day life new endeavors. Often, we think more about people and results than task itself. We don’t even start and assume that we cannot do it. We don’t realize that we are losing the battle before it even begins. We carry one old life style without injecting new spices into that.


I was also victim of “What if”. I was afraid of starting something new.  It was because that I was not capable of or deserve that, it just because I was too afraid of result. So rather fighting for it, I gave up many times. Did not experiment or implement any new ideas.

This is not the way of life I should live; this is not the way of life you should live. There is no point of losing the battle which I have not even fought. There is no point of giving up on anything without taking any chances. There is no point of thinking what people think of me.

Even if you fail in beginning, then tell yourself, it is okay to fail; it is okay to get hurt. Don’t afraid of it, stand up and fight back. Even if you become reason for someone joke, then tell yourself that you have brought smile on someone’s face. Never let any excuses to come between you and your battle. Learn from the past and follow your heart. Trust me, at the end it does not matter if you win or lose the battle, what matter would be smile at your face saying, yes I have fought rather than regret.


So, let’s begin the new journey, let’s fight for what we want.  Let’s start which we have never started before. Just follow your heart, see where it takes you.

Why not to Stereotype

I always wanted to tell and write about it, never got the correct words for this. I guess this is the best video which explains everything in itself.

Due to this stereotyping, we have so much of hate in our society; we do not have any trust at all. It is not only about Hindu or Muslim. This is applicable for each and every type of cast, religion, region, and colour

If you do not agree on this, just have a look in history you will find millions of instance where we fought, spread hate and stereotype the people on the basis of their caste, colour, their region and religion and many more other things. If we solve one reason for hate, people pick up some other reason.

Hate and stereotype can never be solution for anything, it can only replicate, multiply and escalate the issue.

Let it go

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.” — Hermann Hesse quotes

Let it Go

Often, we have come across sayings like do not give up, fight back, hold onto the situation. These are very inspiring words and need lots of courage and strength to hold on to the situation, fighting back, never gives up , even when you are losing the battle. Some times its turns out to be true, we finally get success by following these words. We won, we fought back, and we overcome the situation.

Sometimes, in our life we stuck into the situation which become part of our life, feel like whole world to us.  We make all possible effort to fix the situation, we bring all possible help, we give up all we have, but still we may not able to fix that situation. May be situation is not under our control, it belongs to someone else and we trying to fix it. May be it is matter of life and death where we cannot do anything other than praying. May be it is part of our destiny which cannot be changed. These situations are like having yourself in quick sand, where more you try to come out, more you get inside.

During such time, we think holding on that situation will solve the problem. Unfortunately, that is not the case in most of the scenario. What we need is to let it go, let it happen what it is supposed to happen as we have already all possible effort to fix it.

Let it go

This require much more strength, much more courage because as by now, it has become world for us. It’s never going to be easy for you to let it go, but it is how it supposed to be. Giving up on it, which has become integral part of us, will be like killing something inside us, but this may be right thing to do.

Lie to yourself to be happy

If you lie to yourself to be happy, you belong to a special group of creatures called human beings.

This is very famous quote, not sure who has written it, but it’s kind of true for most of us. We pretend to be happy even when deep down in our heart is full of sadness. We smile, laugh even when our heart want to shout and cry hard. We lie to ourselves, we fool ourselves in order to smile and happy. Even we know nothing is well, we try to convince our self saying “All Is Well”. It’s kind of trick we use to manipulate our self, so that we can do what we want or supposed to do.


Question is, is this a really good idea to lie, to pretend to ourselves. Is it really so important to be happy and strong always?

I am not sure about the answer, all  I can see is a gray area, Good also, Bad also, it is all depend on the what you lie, how much you lie and when you lie.

It may be a good idea to say “All is well” or to lie or to pretend our self. It brings strength, determination, positive attitude towards that situation. It inspires us to move ahead, fight for what you want or find a new way in life. It creates the positive environment among other people, it makes you strong. People can rely on you. They can trust you for being strong and positive in bad situation.


Having said that, I am not sure if by doing this, we can justify what we do to our self during this process. Have we ever given a thought on what it cost us for being such a lair to our self? My guess would be we lose our real identity somewhere inside our heart, we lose our self, if we practice this too much in our life.

Just think for moment, if we lie to our self, will we ever be honest with someone else? If we pretend always, then will we ever being real for any one. I think, first person we should honest with is our self. It’s also very unnatural for any living being to be happy and strong always. Common, let face it, if today we are happy, then some other day we will be sad, so it’s when it’s okay to laugh when we are happy, then it should also okay to cry when we are sad. I do not find any reason at all, why should be we fake our self to show how happy or satisfied we are.  If we never reach the bottom of the sea, how will you know the importance of height of hill? It is part of nature, we are part nature. We should behave and live according to what we are. If we trying become too strong, then slowly we will forget what we really feel and what we really are.

I am not sure if it is a good idea to achieve some thing at the cost of your own real identity. I am not saying that we should not be strong or positive or trying to be happy in bad situation. We should, definitely we should, but without being lair. Be honest with our self first, feel the pain, do not ignore it, accept the fact and then fight back with pure positivity. It requires lots of courage, it requires real strength, it will bring real, strong, honest and positive you.

I know you have good smile, but with teeth it would look great!!!

I know you have good smile, but with teeth it would look great

We all have our own way of smiling and each smile makes our face much more graceful and much more beauty full. For almost every occasion we wear different kind of smile, with different face expression and every smile make our face much more beautiful than ever.


For me among this entire smile there is one smile way which stands out of the league i.e. Smile/ Laugh with your full heart. I have been lucky enough to meet few of this kind of people; they are unique in their expression. They often do not bother about where they are or what people will think about them. It may be in their nature to express their positive emotion in such a way that everyone around them can feel their positive energy. They laugh and smile openly on very small to small things also and that generally make their surrounding much more lively and positive.

I am not sure if it is god gift or they have practicing since childhood and now they are used to it. But one thing I am very certain about that whoever are we if we smile and laugh from full of our heart without thinking anything, just about what we feel then, certainly we can bring peace inside us and positive energy for others.

Who are you, when no one is looking?

Who are you, when no one is looking?

This is one of the best phrases to describe and understand ourselves. We all act differently when we are surrounded by the different people. We never act or behave from core of our heart. We always want to be the best among people, most of the times we do not give the required attention to our own real nature. Somehow, in quest for good life and more money, we all lost ourselves.

who am i

It is worth taking some time out, sit back and feel ourselves. See how we feel about something when there is no one will praise us, no one will blame us.  We will not do or say anything to make someone happy or sad. We will do as our feeling and nature will ask us to do. Good, bad will not matter to us.  No one will judge us for what we would be doing that time. There would be nothing hide or lie about anything.

This will show us, our own true nature to ourselves. Let’s give a shot to this, let’s reinvent ourselves.