Why be angry when judged?

I have heard many times people saying that they do not want to get judged on what they have done or what they are doing. They claim that whatever they do/did is their prerogative and as most of the people do not know why has done it, so they do not have any right to say anything or judge them.  If someone judges them then they get mad, angry and protest about it.  Some time it causes a serious damage to both side (person/society being judged and person/society who is judging). Usually it ends up with strained relationship.

If I have to give a thought on this situation then I will say, yes, everyone has full right to do what they want to do because they have full freedom to do so. Same time I could not understand the reasoning for getting angry or offensive when they get judged by society or person.


I mean common, when you have complete freedom to do anything, same way other side of people/society has the same freedom. You are bound to be judged, you cannot be all alone and free in absolute sense. Whatever you do or say will have direct or indirect impact on other person/society. They will retreat you with their wisdom and they either criticize or praise your action.

Right and Wrong can never explained in absolute term. It is always relative to your culture, thinking, society, laws and your soul. Right for one person/society become wrong for other person/society and vice-versa.

So, there is no point of being offensive against any one if you are being judged good or bad for any of your action. All we should do is to sit down, take step back, listen to the critics and try to judge yourself from their and your point of view before doing any action on it. If we find any valid concern on their criticism then amend our action. If not then try to convince them and justify your action in appropriate way without getting alienating from them.

Judge and Peace can co exist if people understand each other thinking and respect each other.


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