Being wise is really a wise thing?

Couple of days back, I have read one cartoon piece from Calvin and Hobbes. Since then I was wondering, is it really wise to be wise. Is it really good thing to know everything or understand every event or a person or judge every action or event on the earth?

calvin and hobbes

May be yes, by knowing and understand thing we live in better life, we make the decision on profit and loss of any action or event. We judge people and their action and then act accordingly. That what we are, that what we do to survive and live better way in this world.

But, if this is such a wise thing to do then why we are not happy as children, why we are not as free as bird, why we are not live like lion. Why more we know more we get confuse, why more we judge more we get ditched, why more we understand and more we make a distance. Is this a problem with our understanding or mind or our culture?

Answer is No, it’s not problem with mind or understanding or our culture. It’s simply just we start using our brain more than it supposed to be. We forget that we have heart also, we have the soul. For example just have a look on kids; they do not care about anything. They just do what they want to do; they live from their heart, their will and their soul. They live like lion, get ask and fight for what they wanted. They don’t use their mind to understand or judge or even think what people will think about them. They don’t think why hot is hot and cold is cold, why someone is good with them and someone is bad. They just live for what make them happy.

If you take reference of any religious or philosophical book, you will never find they have given more importance to Love over understanding. They never ask you to become wise. All they ask you love your GOD. Love can never come from mind or from wise people. Love comes from heart which is clean, clam pure without any doubt.

So question is “Being wise is really a wise thing?”
My answer is NO. It’s not very wise to wise every time, it’s good to behave like donkey, act like a monkey, live like a lion. We don’t need understand everything, we don’t need do everything perfectly, and we don’t need to judge the people or judged by the people.

Live your life-like kids, free like a bird and fight like a lion.


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