I don’t know what to do

There have been phases in our life, when we do not know what to do. There will be a situation when you know what exactly you want, but you do not know how reach there. You know what makes you happy, but unable to find it. You want to keep searching but do not know which path will lead to you destination. You will always be afraid of choosing about any path because you do not know which path will lead to your goal or dream. Same time you cannot ask any one, as this what you and only you have to find but do not know how.


Life will give you many paths and many options and leave the decision to you. It is you who has to decide where to go, but question is how can we decide when we don’t even know which path leads to where. Either of paths is unknown to you, but still you have to choose the path. Question is on which basis we should choose the path? Should we use our mind or heart to make these decisions? There is no right and wrong, there is no profit and loss concept. It is just you have to walk along the road, without knowing where it will lead it.

Do we say this choice we have to make or is this just a gamble in our life. We just put out life blindly on some path and see where it leads it. Many people argue we can write our own destiny, but what if you know how to achieve that. When you do not know which path will lead you where? Then how am I supposed to make any decision.


Should we blindly make any decision and go ahead with that? Or should we rely on someone from our loved ones to make the decision for us? Or should we leave everything to time and faith and let see where it take us through.

To be honest, I do not know the answer. May be you guys can help me?


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