The Three P’s – Patience, Positive, Politeness

I have not met or heard about any one, who hasn’t gone through difficult time in their life time. We all have our share of sadness, pain and distress in our life. Someone has more, someone has less. Some has in their financial matter; some has their in relationship and family. Irrespective of type of situation we are in, we cannot run away from it. We have to face it, fight it, no matter if we like it or not. There is no running away from it.

But there is one thing, on which we all can agree, is the fact that, we change after those difficult times. Good or bad, I do not know, but we change. Now, the point is which kind of person we become is totally dependent on the approach, path and our attitude towards the situation. No matter what is result of those situation, but what matter most is what kind of changes it brings inside you. That change will define you in future and your success.

As per my knowledge the best way to handle any difficult situation and become better human being after bad phase is to have three basic attitudes:



Patience is not an ability to wait, but the ability to keep good attitude while waiting.

This is the most important factor for us to follow during bad phase.  Almost nothing in life is instant, it will take some time. Nothing in life is going to be stay forever, neither those difficult situation. You need to have Patience; you need to give the time. Things will change, situation will improve, May not be sudden, but it will improve for sure. This does not mean you do nothing about it, it means you should keep trying, keep fighting. One day success will be yours, good phase will come and you will become much stronger, mature and wise person.



This is hope; this is inspiration for you to keep moving in right and constructive direction. This will give you strength for keep moving. Moreover, I will consider this as important as patience, without being positive you may win over situation but not sure about the person you will become. Your positive attitude will inspire other to follow and fight with you. It will bring back the hidden courage and ask you to fight in constructive and positive way during this bad phase of your life.




No matter how bad the situation is, there is no reason to be rude or angry with god or anyone else in this world. Being rude not only worsen the situation but also destroy yourself. Your own thinking will be badly affected if you were not polite with situation and people. Being Polite not only give you the peace and calmness but also bring you inner joy and support from unexpected source. It will give you strength and support to fight it.  Same time it will bring respect to you and you will be considered as role model.


These attitudes not only help you to find the solution and handle the difficult situation but same time it will prepare you for your future.  These attitude will bring respect, strength, self believe, peace.  If you acquire these attitudes in your life, then I guess you can handle and succeed any type of situation.



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