Who are you, when no one is looking?

Who are you, when no one is looking?

This is one of the best phrases to describe and understand ourselves. We all act differently when we are surrounded by the different people. We never act or behave from core of our heart. We always want to be the best among people, most of the times we do not give the required attention to our own real nature. Somehow, in quest for good life and more money, we all lost ourselves.

who am i

It is worth taking some time out, sit back and feel ourselves. See how we feel about something when there is no one will praise us, no one will blame us.  We will not do or say anything to make someone happy or sad. We will do as our feeling and nature will ask us to do. Good, bad will not matter to us.  No one will judge us for what we would be doing that time. There would be nothing hide or lie about anything.

This will show us, our own true nature to ourselves. Let’s give a shot to this, let’s reinvent ourselves.


3 thoughts on “Who are you, when no one is looking?

  1. Ryt we alyws behave. According toh other wat other ppl think about ur self we thing that only. We never thing about wat we wnt to do soo to build ur image. U have to knw first urself n then u can bhi anything

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