Love and Peace


Whenever I see people around me in our society, be it a small old village with backward society or small town with middle class value or high society filled with sophisticated people. They all have different culture, different upbringing and different environment. Although one thing I have found abundantly common at every place i.e., hate, negative feeling towards each other. More than love, somehow we managed to find the reason to hate. Some place it is more violent, physical and some place it more sophisticated and civilized way. It is all depend of our culture and society, but at the end we all do the same thing.

Somehow, it has become very easy to find our enemy than finding our loved one. Not sure, why and when we have become like this. I guess we enjoy more bitching, backbiting and fake smiling than confronting people with love and appreciation. We spend most of our time thinking about our enemy, blaming other people or how make use of someone.

I think we should stop and think for while, what are we doing and where it is taking us. I am sure professionally this may be yield better result and success, but in this process aren’t we moving towards more on hate than love and sympathy. We should ask to our self, what are we becoming by following this path. We are getting blind folded with short-term gain rather than thinking about long-term loss. Just think if you are okay with same attitude will be shown to you by your nearer and dearer. In the race of this hate and fake world, we almost get lost in touch with our loved ones. We ignore or do not give due importance, love and respect to our loved ones.

There is famous quote by Martin Luther which says:

Martin Luther

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends and love.” – Martin Luther King, JR.

This seems quite honest thoughtful words about our life. No matter how much we enemies or hate we do in our life, when we fall ill or when we really need anyone in bad times, then all we get our loved ones. Your enemy does not come to help or care for you. Hate only can bring you down and on other than love can only uplift and cure you for rest of your life. Then why should be we think negative about any one.

We must learn to spend more times with those people who matter most to us. We must understand and support all our loved once. We must give due respect and love to all those person who love and care about us. We must start trusting and forgive people for their mistake, so that they can also come along with you. We should start helping others to grow in their life. This will eventually uplift our own life to new and higher level.

Let’s give a chance to peace and love rather than hate and disbelief. Let’s us make stronger bonds with loved one and create new positive bonds with strangers.


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