Do we have a choice?

If you ask this question in public, for most of them the answer would be Yes. Think Again !!! .

Choice is an Illusion. We do not make a choice, we gamble.  What we do is more of gambling rather than saying we are making a choice . To understand this,  Let’s first understand what is choice and what is gamble.


An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities with known consequence or result.


An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities with unknown consequence or result.

In our life we never know what lies ahead  and there no certain way to knowing this. All we know is present and immediate consequence for certain action but there is no way knowing what are we losing or gaining in the long run. We just  take a decision on the basis of immediate consequences, our environment we grew up in, the education we received. In your life you never know where would you end p by making those so called choices. Image

So when we don’t even know what would be consequence of decision, then how can we say that we made a choice. To understand it better way just have a look on above picture.  You are going to get suppose to get from your predefined karma or destiny any option or choice we have is which path we choose or should i say gamble without knowing what lies ahead of us on that path.

Now let’s talk about what we got the end of any choice that we make, let’s assume we came in this world with some money which we earned from our previous karma. With that money we have been asked to gamble in this world with certain guidelines i.e. our religious book/nature laws. We will only get what we our money can buy for us, if you think you have earned more than expected and just look at other side, you will find that you have lost many things. Finally you will get what you supposed to get at the beginning. We call this as Our Destiny.

Does this mean we cannot change the destiny? No, we can change by earning/losing few more money through our positive/negative karma and you finally get the balance amount at the end to restart the new circle of life.


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