Compromise and Sacrifice

Compromise and Sacrifice, Often we used these two terms interchangeably in most of scenario. These two words have great importance in our life. It reflects the true kind nature of human. It reflects our willingness of giving and adjusting for others.


Some time, we do this to adjust ourselves as per society norms, some time we do to make someone happy and some we do keep our relationship strong.  Everyone in their life have compromised or sacrificed something or other for many different reasons. This has become necessity for our existence in this world. This has also become utmost importance for survival of any relationship.

Today, I would like to discuss about the basis difference between these two words. Although both words signified the giving and adjusting nature of human, but in the core these represents two different worlds. We live in a world where we have two different types of peoples, one who compromise and other who sacrifice.

Question is how I would define these two, For Compromise means, something we do or give to someone with an expectation of getting something in return. Also we may not give or do something with complete free will of our self, but due to some pressure or necessity or greed, we give or do something good for some one. Same time it will feel proud and demonstrate about its act. I would call this sense of act as a compromised act not sacrifice.


Whereas, Sacrifice, It is divine act, it is pure and filled with selflessness. It does not expect anything in return. It doesn’t ask any reason, it does not feel proud of being helper; it doesn’t want to show its kindness. It just make you feel peace and happy in your heart and smile on your face. It encourages you to give more and more without asking or getting anything in return. It is about true relationship between you and your taker.


Some great word also talk about relationship is all about giving. This giving does not means compromise, this means sacrifice. This relationship and be between you and your loved ones. It can be between you and nature. It can be between you and your god.

Compromise is the word to be used for all practical purpose, where profit and loss will be considered. It builds a practical relationship, where love is based on what you get and what you give. It is all about your rational brain act.

Same time, sacrifice is the word used for a true, divine relationship. It only talks about giving anything and everything selflessly. It is about give others much more important than you. It builds a relationship from your heart and soul.

That why God always ask you to sacrifice the things rather compromise with it. It always talks about selflessness rather than business proposal with profit and loss. True relationship builds on sacrifices not on compromise. Love from heart and soul rather than mind and greed.


Let it go

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.” — Hermann Hesse quotes

Let it Go

Often, we have come across sayings like do not give up, fight back, hold onto the situation. These are very inspiring words and need lots of courage and strength to hold on to the situation, fighting back, never gives up , even when you are losing the battle. Some times its turns out to be true, we finally get success by following these words. We won, we fought back, and we overcome the situation.

Sometimes, in our life we stuck into the situation which become part of our life, feel like whole world to us.  We make all possible effort to fix the situation, we bring all possible help, we give up all we have, but still we may not able to fix that situation. May be situation is not under our control, it belongs to someone else and we trying to fix it. May be it is matter of life and death where we cannot do anything other than praying. May be it is part of our destiny which cannot be changed. These situations are like having yourself in quick sand, where more you try to come out, more you get inside.

During such time, we think holding on that situation will solve the problem. Unfortunately, that is not the case in most of the scenario. What we need is to let it go, let it happen what it is supposed to happen as we have already all possible effort to fix it.

Let it go

This require much more strength, much more courage because as by now, it has become world for us. It’s never going to be easy for you to let it go, but it is how it supposed to be. Giving up on it, which has become integral part of us, will be like killing something inside us, but this may be right thing to do.

What is Relationship?

Relationship, to be honest I never understand this word. May be it’s too vague or too generic. It’s a word which can be defined from  existence of this universe and also from unknown feeling between two people. So how do we know how strong or weak relationship exist between two people or let’s say between any two or many entity.

To understand and measure the depth of any relationship, we can make use of these three parameter.


To understand or measure any relationship first and foremost important thing is trust. Just by asking this question, we will be able to understand how depth is the relationship bond is there. Let say do you trust a person or entity this much that whatever they do or say you will believe in that i.e. blind trust. If you find also something fishy or you do not like  in other person action or saying, still you manage to accept or do the same thing without much argument.This kind of trust yield into most strongest but most risky relationship, at this point you become the part of other entity of person.

Generally in parent children relationship are the best example of this kind. In nature branch and leaves can be considered having this relationship. Also Geeta, Koran, Bible asked us to have this kind of trust between God and their devotee.



I will say this is the second most important thing for any relationship. It may possible that you may not trust any person blindly or do not want to be part of it, but still if you think whatever they do, you may not adopt but accept their point of view or support them or never put a blame on them.You treat them with utmost priority and integrity at any circumstances.

This kind of trust yield into reasonable strong relationship. Here you not completely dependent or part of that entity but still you stay close in the heart. Two best friend relationship can be considered as part of this.



I would say this is an important but an optional attribute provided you have trust and respect for each other. Having better understanding in two different entity will be adding on quality in their life, it will  build more trust and more respect as time grows. This become important and required if you do not have other two attribute(trust ,respect).


It’s up to us how strong or weak relationship we want to build in this universe.