One Step towards Idealism – Swami Vivekanand

There is this strongly conservative tendency in human nature:  we do not like to move one step forward towards idealism. We love to remain idle where we are now and consider itself as practical life. I can consider this attitude of humankind as a person who is frozen in snow while sleeping and if you try to drag them up, they say, “Let me sleep, it is so beautiful to sleep in snow”, and they die there in that sleep. So is our nature. That is what we are doing all our life. We considered this as practical approach as there are many like them sleeping in that snow. If we have to define this attitude in scientific way, then we call this as comfort zone of our mind, it is does not matter if good or bad, right or wrong, moral or immoral. It is just the way they are, and may be too lazy to be changed.

Change Yourself

They will give number of excuses for being like this, sometimes they claims “we are human and human are prone to mistake” or you will hear them saying “we are not gods, we are human”, or they will say “This is practical world, cannot live with ideals” and most interesting “No one is perfect”.

Common let’s be honest with our self for a while, we know we are human, we know we are not perfect, we know we are prone to mistake, but how much time have we spent on changing our self in positive direction. How much effort have we taken to correct our mistakes? How much time have we spent towards being a perfect person? We all know few basic ideal things inside our soul and heart, but during the course of life somehow we lost those track and start giving excuses for our imperfection.


No one is asking you to be become perfect in one day or one year or even this life time. All we are ask you to do take one step forward towards idealism, towards perfection, towards gods.  If you know inside your heart that something you are doing or did wrong, then rather making excuses or justifying that. Do not bring down ideals to justify practicality rather move towards idealism. You should try to correct and change yourself in better way. Every time when you taking one step towards idealism, towards truth, more you will find peace and love inside yourself.


2 thoughts on “One Step towards Idealism – Swami Vivekanand

  1. i find myself guilty on this topic. i’m too lazy to change, afraid to try new things and settle on my comfort zone yet i’m longing that something better would happen.

    • Give a chance to life, give chance to your heart….
      Dnt be afraid.. Its okay to get Hurt… only thing matters is stand up and walk on right direction

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