Learn from everyone


There are more than 7 billion people on our planet and each one of us unique in nature with different approach towards life. We all have our own experience and learning through out of life time. In a way we all have become expert in certain situation or handling certain phase of life. We all have something unique which other people do not have.

Although, we know we are not perfect, we lack in many aspect of our lives. We still need different learning and new perspective to live our life properly. Having said that, I often realized peoples are not very comfortable with other experience and lesson. We do not learn from other’s people experience. Also I have found one common attitude among us that we give more important to person who tries to teach us rather than teaching. We ask many questions to our selves, before we even listen to them. For ex:

  • I know what I am supposed to know
  • We doubt their intention and integrity
  • Who are you to teach me
  • You practice before Preaching

I find these behavior very amusing, because sooner or later we do need to through those phases of life where could have taken advantage of those lesson. Then we realized and understand that same thing which they have already gone through. So rather than learning from them we tend to run away from them until and unless life makes us to face that.


So, what wrong with us, why can’t we simply learn from other people mistake or experience which will save us from many bad phases. Why can be so humble and respectful in front of person or nature which trying to teach us a new lesson every day. Why are we being so arrogant about what we are, although we know that we are not perfect? Why can’t we try to learn one new simple thing every day which other people already knew? Why we try to reinvent the wheel, when we can simply ride on that.

Well, after this many why, I am not sure if I have answer for these. May be because we think we are too good to live our life by ourselves. May be we tend to live our lives like a frog in well, who think well is the only and complete world exist.

I am not saying do not make mistake or do not go through bad experience. All I am trying to say, try not to make the same mistake which some one has already did it and if at all you want to make same mistake, then fair enough make this as conscious decision and go through it, maybe you will learn something new in that same phase.

Learn from everyone

My point is, we should never become too arrogant or ignorant about the lesson from our or others life. Your teacher can be anyone starting from small kid to old age Oxford professor, or a corrupt leader to evil man. They can be our God and Goddess or it can be nature. They can come from your own soul or from dumb headed person.

Lesson and experience are everywhere, it just we need to keep our heart humble and ready to listen. Each and every moment in our life will have someone or other who tries to teach us something to make us better person. Never look at the source that will give you lesson, it does not matter who teach you, what matter most is what they teach you.


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