Lie to yourself to be happy

If you lie to yourself to be happy, you belong to a special group of creatures called human beings.

This is very famous quote, not sure who has written it, but it’s kind of true for most of us. We pretend to be happy even when deep down in our heart is full of sadness. We smile, laugh even when our heart want to shout and cry hard. We lie to ourselves, we fool ourselves in order to smile and happy. Even we know nothing is well, we try to convince our self saying “All Is Well”. It’s kind of trick we use to manipulate our self, so that we can do what we want or supposed to do.


Question is, is this a really good idea to lie, to pretend to ourselves. Is it really so important to be happy and strong always?

I am not sure about the answer, all  I can see is a gray area, Good also, Bad also, it is all depend on the what you lie, how much you lie and when you lie.

It may be a good idea to say “All is well” or to lie or to pretend our self. It brings strength, determination, positive attitude towards that situation. It inspires us to move ahead, fight for what you want or find a new way in life. It creates the positive environment among other people, it makes you strong. People can rely on you. They can trust you for being strong and positive in bad situation.


Having said that, I am not sure if by doing this, we can justify what we do to our self during this process. Have we ever given a thought on what it cost us for being such a lair to our self? My guess would be we lose our real identity somewhere inside our heart, we lose our self, if we practice this too much in our life.

Just think for moment, if we lie to our self, will we ever be honest with someone else? If we pretend always, then will we ever being real for any one. I think, first person we should honest with is our self. It’s also very unnatural for any living being to be happy and strong always. Common, let face it, if today we are happy, then some other day we will be sad, so it’s when it’s okay to laugh when we are happy, then it should also okay to cry when we are sad. I do not find any reason at all, why should be we fake our self to show how happy or satisfied we are.  If we never reach the bottom of the sea, how will you know the importance of height of hill? It is part of nature, we are part nature. We should behave and live according to what we are. If we trying become too strong, then slowly we will forget what we really feel and what we really are.

I am not sure if it is a good idea to achieve some thing at the cost of your own real identity. I am not saying that we should not be strong or positive or trying to be happy in bad situation. We should, definitely we should, but without being lair. Be honest with our self first, feel the pain, do not ignore it, accept the fact and then fight back with pure positivity. It requires lots of courage, it requires real strength, it will bring real, strong, honest and positive you.


4 thoughts on “Lie to yourself to be happy

  1. Happiness and money have a commonality for humans. Most want it and pretend we have it when we do not. It is embarrassing in society to have little of either so we trick ourselves. Does the happiness we all want even exist? Or is it just something we made up cause surviving is much easier now?

    • I would second your opinion about money, but not sure happiness is human made. I would rather say, being a human we are bound to have feeling, happiness, sadness or neutral. Take a example of very small kid, they do not have money, they do not think, all they have is their feeling.
      If you attend peace or neutrality among every action of nature or human being, then i would say you are very close to Nirvana. This is the place where every one has to go one day. Till that day comes, we all have feeling god, bad, happiness, sadness,love and hate.

      • Happiness exist in moments but I think everyone is striving for the life where there is almost always happiness every waking moment. That is the kind I think is a fairytale. So many people want to believe happiness or Nirvana is possible but no one seems to be living that reality.

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