Why Charity is not a Good Idea?

Capital punishment is as fundamentally wrong as cure for crime as charity is wrong as a cure for poverty – Henry Ford


Today almost every company spend some amount (0.5%-5%) of their profit on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). In this process company’s employs visit some NGO and donate some gifts, money and other stuffs as on need basis and trying to help them running. No doubt NGO get some benefit out of this charity. People there get some happiness for time being.

My Question is why even we need to do charity at very first place.

If we think of ideal world then there will not be any charity at all. There would be only give and take, and trust me that the LAW OF NATURE. Everything gives something in order to take something. Nothing is free. Nature never do charity, it charge you for what you have taken from nature, then why we human has tendency to do charity? So there, must be some serious flaws in our thinking as we are also part of nature and suppose to follow the law of nature.

Let’s re think, do we really need this kind of charity, where we go and help them to live their life better for few days. My answer would be NO. When we say word charity, we often think like we give few portion of our income, we forget about them and then we feel good about it as if we did good work. Yes, we did good work for a day but probably cripple them for their life. These help for a day, but tomorrow again they have to wait for someone to come and help them.

So do we really helping them, I do not think so, we are making them beggar who will not ask (may be ask) but certainly will wait for you to come and help them again and again.

What good this charity brings happiness for a day and dependency for rest of their life time. This is huge cost; they are paying for the help they are getting.

I am not saying do not help anyone, in fact I would strongly recommend to help each and every person in this world. But same time also think, if your help making them stronger or creating dependency on you or any one else.

Charity/Help should and must be done, but not in the way it is happening today. We should not think about having NGO, we should think about having some self sustainable model where those organisations can keep run without you or anyone help.

If we want to do charity then help them in making their life/organisation as self sustainable. Do not donate a cloth or money and say you did charity, think how they can buy a cloth by themselves when you are not around and work towards it.


If we remove the concept of giving free stuff to any one and but enable to produce/make/earn those thing by themselves, that day you will find that there is no need of charity anywhere.

If you do not agree with this point then ask yourself. From last 2000 years we are doing charity, but still we feel there is no end of it and trust me after 4000 years also charity would be required, if we follow the same foot step.

So please do charity and help everyone to enable them as one self sustainable entity, without doing anything wrong or unethical. Give them confidence that they can do better, give them smile and most important love them as they are part of you. And by doing you will not violate any kind of nature’s law because they will give you the same in return as god gave them these feeling to them also.